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When rape culture will end in India?

When rape culture will end?

Dolly Chopra

Chandigarh, December 4

If we talk about the woman’s rights and dignity, India stands in the last. A woman has the right to live in dignity-free to fear, violence and discrimination.

It is said that ‘love creates love’. I also believe that ‘respect creates respect’. When everyone tries to respect one another and when men and women are equally respected in a society, then the social and family system will become stronger and healthier.

But if we talk about India, there is no dignity among men for women. There has been a rise in rape cases from the past many years. Recently in Hyderabad, there was a rape case filed in which a Veterinary Doctor was burnt alive after being kidnapped and raped. And from that day till now, huge protests ARE going on all over India. But no justice has prevailed. The four men have been arrested for her rape and murder, according to police. But not any stricter action is taken against them after this monstrous crime! These monsters are still alive and happily living in jail also.

Not only this there are a lot of cases where father rape his daughter, ‘Kaha se ate hain ye log?’ These monsters should be submitted to the people and to be burnt alive in front of everybody, so that they should have a fear in mind to rape a girl.

Some people in the angry crowds demanded the death penalty for the suspects and called for justice after yet another rape and murder of a woman in India.

Why we are behind in punishing the rapists and implementing a stricter law?  Even in Supreme Court, the rise in rape cases was discussed many times but no solution has prevailed.

What about justice? Will their soul Rest in Peace? What about their families who are left behind?

Sometimes, a woman appears as a mother, sometimes as a wife and sometimes as a daughter. All these roles should be respected and dignified. Yet, some people don’t value it.

In 2012, rape case of Nirbhaya– brought thousands of Indians to the streets to protest the widespread culture of rape and violence against women in 2012. That year, gender specialists ranked India the worst place among G-20 countries to be a woman, worse even than Saudi Arabia where women have to live under the supervision of a male guardian.

People who rape girls are uneducated. In India, social attitudes are highly conservative. Sex education is left out of most school curriculums; legislators feel such topics could ‘corrupt’ youth and offend traditional values. Parents won’t even say the words like penis, vagina, rape or sex. If they can’t get over that, how can they educate young boys?

If India were to start hanging people for rape, authorities would need to set up gallows the length and breadth of the vast nation.

But you are not punishing anybody. How many convictions have been reached? The truth of the matter is that nobody gets punished.


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