Navneet Bindya Bhalla releases new song on Domestic Violence and Abuse

TPE Correspondent

New Delhi June 26th

There are many types of abuse (emotional/physical/psychological), MEN also can be victims of abuse along with the elderly and children. (Most think of only women being abused),  There is LEGAL help out there and you do have rights! Watch the singer’s episode on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and ABUSE! There is HELP out there! I have 2 very special guests Ruchika Sachdeva Hira and Navneet Bindya Bhalla! Watch them only on Jus Broadcasting Jus Punjabi on my show “Rhythm of Healing”

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On my show “Rhythm Of Healing” with Navneet Bindya Bhalla and Ruchika Sachdeva Hira only on Jus Broadcasting. This episode addresses EMOTIONAL ABUSE and VERBAL ABUSE. Also issues as IN-LAW ABUSE and MARITAL RAPE (just because your married doesn’t mean you can be forced).

Also, the term CRAZY-MAKING is where your abuser makes you think you are crazy and wears down your self-esteem and confidence. PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE behaviors are also forms of abuse or WITHDRAWING AFFECTION for long periods to get what they want in the form of control. Also INFIDELITY! We also are asking MEN to JOIN this awareness for their SISTERS, MOTHERS, FRIENDS, and DAUGHTERS. Please if you are seeing this and you see abuse- don’t keep telling the loved one to “keep adjusting” becoz abuse must be stopped! Help them with counseling and give support to the loved one being abused. Teach them not to accept these behaviors. PLEASE SHARE

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