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Is one way Monolog, a better key of communication?

TPE Correspondent
New Delhi March 25

Coronavirus pandemic has turned whole global upside down, isolating oneself has become new normal, most the countries have been lockdown, all the elected leaders around the world are trying to calm down the nerve of the citizens and to make sure of that they are holding a press conference everyday addressing the basic questions and problems which are happening in between this virus epidermic.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has a restricted way of communication, it’s has been six years for him as Prime Minister of India but till date he has not held a single press conference, To address the nation on coronavirus he chooses the one-way mode of communicating and came on television at 8 on Tuesday and announced 21 days of lockdown, Mr Modi mentioned that how people are not taking the lockdown seriously, there were many violations during the Janata curfew organised by government on Sunday, by raising his concerns he added that the Lockdown has been organised for one’s own safety as isolation is only key to break the chain of this deadly virus, violators of lockdown can be punished under the law. but all along during the speech he forgets to mention the availability of essential products like groceries and medical care during the lockdown this information was not addressed in his 8 pm speech, which created chaos after television telecast. various visuals were coming out from around the Indian people, packed up all the grocery stores, rush in medical stores and long ques were made outside of daily products shops right after that Ministry of Home Affaires issued a press release Stating all the details of the lockdown and that the essentials of food and medical supply will be available during the lockdown. Now the question is if one-way monologue is a proper way of communication in time of crisis. How can such important instruction of essential need can be left off of PM speech. the scenario would have been different if it would have been a press conference more of the questions would have been answered.

The Prime Minister of united Kingdom has been addressing press conference since 28th February, And he has been doing so on every alternative days Prime Minister of Canada Justin and Prime Minster of Italy and United States fall in the same line they all have been addressing press conference answering reporters questions. As world leaders they know that addressing the media is in such critical time helps in creating sense of insurance around the among the people.

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