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India’s education system needs to be altered

India’s education system needs to be altered

Dolly Chopra

When it comes to social media, nothing can be left behind. This platform makes a video viral in just a short time span.

Here is also a video that went viral on social media platforms which is regarding the education system, which is dwindling because of poor selection of teachers. Teachers are one who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue. But here, the case is different—students are not learning properly, they are not able to read the lines from their books.

The District Magistrate Devendra Kumar Pandey was on a surprise inspection of a government school, Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, in the video he was sitting in a classroom with students. He asks the teacher to read from Class VIII English textbook.

A female English teacher struggles to read a few lines in English from a student textbook.

According to reports, the DM went to a school in the Sikandarpur Sarausi area and noticed that the students were unable to read lines from their course books. When the teacher failed at it too he said, “She should be suspended immediately. She is a teacher and she can’t read English.”

When she tried to defend herself, he replied, “So what? You are a graduate. I didn’t ask you the meaning of anything. I didn’t ask you to translate this, I just asked you to read.”

Pandey, then orders the Basic Shiksha Adhikari accompanying him to immediately suspend the teacher.

Speaking to media, Pradeep Kumar Pandey said, “The DM asked the teachers that if they themselves could not read in English then how would they teach the students.”

After watching the video many people blamed the selection process.

Many also highlighted the fact that the Indian education system focuses more on rote learning and marks rather than practical learning and that this root cause needs to be addressed.

The government plays a vital role in the selection process of teachers. And not only this, but there are many cases of the poor education system in India which needs to be improved.

Some of the unintended reasons for poor education are-

– Real poverty, lack of all resources

– Structural corruption

– Lack of qualified teachers

– Poor education philosophy, for example- no real knowledge of what is effective and what is not.

– The world is changing very rapidly and internet has altered the way young people learn; schools are not adapting to the change which may cause motivational problems.


People are lack of knowledge, lack of study in India. Teachers are selected by the recommendations, but are they having any experience in teaching line?

It needs to be altered.

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